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South Africa
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07 November 2009

Range Rovers World (South Africa)

Hi fellow Range Rover owners.

This blog is about Range Rovers, the information provided along with pictures in many cases will be of immense help in not only getting the best for your Rangie but preserving it for future use.
Here you wont find info on how or why the P38 came about, that info is already well documented on the net and in print.
The information provided by me and others may not be used for personal gain in publications be it in print or paying for info on the net or otherwise, its here and its for free. (copyright applies) both info and pictures

Why this blog was started:
I bought a P38 some time back after aborting my Range Rover classic project due to rust problems, pity really as it would have been a good 4x4 vehicle but all good things come to a end and Its now in about a million pieces
And so the P38 came home and I started my tinkering....yipe, in no time I discovered how a perfectly good 4x4 was converted into what I can only describe as a glorified pavement crawler like those Samtungwang Rectums we see all over the place not to mention the very over rated Hyfungis types
The P38 demands and commands respect where ever they go (and so rightly so) and at the same time require repairs to be carried out with the highest standards possible, this includes parts, lubricants and physical work
The dreaded Air suspension is the talk of the all those non Range Rover owners, little do they know what a difference it makes off roading with such a set up, the Rangie still and does turn circles around even modern day 4x4's of serious makers out there, though I would agree that the Land Rover Defender, Range Rover classic's are also very very serious off road 4x4's.
The starting point here is about mods to the EAS system, be it compressors, layout etc. and other detailed repairs or mods as time marches on, where it will end is anyone's guess, I hope you enjoy and can benefit from the info provided, and yes I repair P38s for a living and can do 70% of repairs mobile fully equipped
I'm a fully qualified mechanic so rest assured quality is 2nd to none.

As my saying goes "To know one is to own one" and now I'm looking at buying the new RR3, donor RR3 welcome, seriously...
Parts supplies are well covered, be it genuine Land Rover, OEM or after market parts, new or quality 2nd hand units meeting only as new conditions, anything less is not considered as usable
At present repairing P38s has taken a whole new twist as I have begun the process of no longer accepting 'other' vehicle brands for repairs, in other words I now specialize on Range Rovers only of the Land Rover range.

A cautionary note on repairs to Range Rovers:
These vehicles demand workmanship of a high standard and so time is of a critical issue, many times we regret but delays do happen if a booking is made, so far delays of up to a week can be expected but not always so, vehicles requiring extensive repairs can take between one to two weeks to complete.
At present this blog will be updated as time goes on to bring it up to full operating capacity.