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South Africa
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01 November 2009

Bags of old

Air bags/air springs or bellows call them what you like but another odd area that is over looked.
Regular inspection of these items is required as to is a thorough check for leaks on the rest of the system.
A soapy solution is a great aid in a squirty bottle to determine leaks on the EAS system, spray away and be dazzled by all the bubbles..

The below pic shows that the previous owner (Was sold to present owner like this) wasn't prepared to spend
on the car so opted for a partial spring mod......
crazy as this is very dangerous
Here it is in picture, believe it or not people do utterly dangerous mods to there cars as many buy them for the bling factor, bad move as the P38 is no bling car for those who cant afford to maintain them, I get calls from owners of P38s saying they cant afford to pay the money required to fix them.
Its bizarre how so many say "I picked it up cheap".......I wonder why it went cheap in the first place

Air leaks repaired with glue......yeah right