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01 November 2009

Air filter replacement

Air filters, and we all thought simple enough just replace every now and then.
Well not so as believe it or not there is a art to carrying out such a simple task.
Recently whilst carrying out a full service on a Rangie it was the air filters turn so off comes the cover and low and behold it had one wasn't the right size and was sitting all comfy at the bottom of the box allowing dust and all manner of debris to collect up against the fine mesh screen located in front of the MAF sensor (Air flow meter)
As pictured this was the correct size filter but whoever replaced it didn't make sure it was installed correctly
And keep away from those so called Performance filters, yeah those so called cleanable re usable 10 million times rubbish as they are nothing but trouble on everyday use cars, worse so on 4x4 applications

And to cap it off, somewhere some how somebody has to break the rules
This filter was removed from a 2001 4.6HSE P38

Watch out, this is what happens when you don't carry out regular servicing
Seeing this abit to frequent and can do some serious harm to your engine