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South Africa
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02 May 2015

Interior lights - LED

I love the P38 but cricky did they install some rubbish lighting in them.

You know its all the rage right now to install and have LED lighting and I agree 100%
either you love or loath them, for me I tinkered with electronics as a kid and LEDs back then played a big role.

You'll notice that instead of simply pushing in the replacement lighting connectors I choose to solder them in to prevent connection issues and has worked well for me.

Please note as a rule LED replacements can only be connected positive to positive, ie Red wire to +
Some LED replacements will work regardless of how you connect them.

I did all my interior lighting, below is the passenger lights, to make sure the LED lights would not pop out I placed a blob of silicon to make sure they stay put, works well but only work them after the sealant has cured