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07 October 2013

Lucas, prince of darkness

This is going to be a quick jumble of a update.

1: Relay loop wire to test which ever circuit you like

2: Unusual power surges and loss on GEMs 4,0 L and 4,6 L found.

I'm adding the below to show you all how to loop a relay, this used to test a component or circuit
Please note that when using a loop wire it can cause a slight spark when connected on a heavy load circuit, make sure fuses for the circuit you are testing are correct and not defective.
In the picture below is the location of where the EAS compressor relay sits
Easiest way to make sure you are inserting the loop wire into the relay is to look for the broken T

Red square, no not Russia

Loop wire, you can add a switch if you like

The EAS compressor in this case is used for example

Engine power issues:

The Phantom menace strikes again, So what has Star Wars got to do with a Range Rover...
One needs to remember that George Lucas did Stars Wars movie, now I'm not sure if he knew he had a opposite evil twin simply called Lucas, Prince of darkness", yeah we're going on about the Lucas electrical's that plague so many Land Rovers and the P38 is no exception to this rule.

What I like about English Auto electrical's is you can become quite familiar with their circuits rather quickly...we'll I did, not sure if that's anything to do with having English blood flowing around in me.

Its important to become familiar with the workings of the RAVE manual, once you crack the coding jargon your on your way to becoming a Lucas genius. 

Ok I'll get to the point so you can run out and change that relay that's been bothering your power problems.

In the Engine compartment fuse box is Relay 15, this supplies power to coils, airflow meter etc.
Its the green relay in the pic above below where you see the loop wire, on the fuse box it's shown a daft symbol with a key....what, yipe you got it, I havn't tried to see if it has anything to do with central locking.

I replaced mine from one of the wiper relays and now I have to replace that relay as its defective proving that I originally had a bad relay, I highly doubt my Range Rover is the only one that had erratic power.

I thought my Range Rover went pretty well until one day it wouldn't start as easily as it should, then one day it would not start at all, tapping on the opened fuse box she fired up and so the "Dark" investigation started, in no time at all was the culprit tracked down, bare in mind for a moment that I had spark, fuel etc but the relay was throttling power and prevented the vehicle from starting.

Like I said "Lucas, prince of darkness"

Let me know how it worked for you at williams4x4 @  (take out the spaces, added to prevent spammers)

One of our earlier post's regarding the aftermarket Rockers has a update
Faulty aftermarket rocker manufacture issue now corrected

Sadly our suppliers still have old stock .... very annoying to say the least, why cant suppliers/manufacturers contact their distributors and get the parts returned for credit or supply correct parts Like Land Rover UK did when I picked up a defect with their chains, they immediately withdrew 5000 timing chains and destroyed them, saw the e-mail to parts staff the next day.