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19 January 2010

EAS (Electronic air suspension) problems and re-seal

Where do I begin.....with so many components just for the EAS its no surprise problems will arise like air bags leaking, pipe work been cut and re-joined (joins are a no no) air leaks on valve block, sensors out of range, solenoid driver pack failing  (Bad design due to transistor failing within) compressor wearing out etc.

To date here is a list of the most failed items popping up out of the wood work.

1) Worn compressor:  fair use, wearing out due to leaks or bad solenoid driver pack or both.
2) EAS valve block leaking: age and heat from engine bay are the main reasons for failures
3) Vehicle dropping: leaking air bags, valve block or a leak on connections and pipe work
4) Compressor working all the time: leaks in system or valve driver pack (attached to side of EAS block)
5) EAS computer failure, rare but they do go

The list could go on and on but over information can easily confuse.

The below pics of a bare valve block is provided for viewing pleasure only, many hours of research into the re-sealing has been done to be able to seal them correctly.

As this is a specialist repair there are few if any apart from myself that are fully capable of carrying out this repair, my past experience in the industry along with determination (Qualified) I can truly say I'm a air suspension specialist along with all Range Rover repairs.

W receive a lot of Range Rovers in for air suspension related problems and I'm often horrified to see the sub standard of repairs being carried out on the system from people doing it themselves or garages taking a chance, we've had 2002 models in with parts from a 1995 added in as they couldn’t solve the problem, the problem is not the item itself but the repair, there is no temporary fix with the system and the only way is the right way regardless of component age.

Upgrade compressor
Unlike the original compressor this unit has a internal overheat protection built in, we have managed to tap into this circuit so that it sends a signal back to the EAS ECU and allows the unit to operates as originally designed.
Note that piston and sleeve kits are no longer available for the original unit fitted to the P38

The new wire (Purple) being attached to the overheat unit within the motor section.
Attachment location not shown. 

The above is not always required, depends on Driver pack

Any joins is a sure way to look for trouble, these so called emergency add on kits is not needed until problems arise and only then is the inflate add on kit needed, it doesn't take long so don't install them while everything is fine

Below is a list of items we keep in stock as they are fast movers.

Land Rover dealers retail these for R3600 if you are lucky enough to get a small discount or be charged the full price nearing R3900

The little black round disc is a cause for concern with leaks, even if you remove and inspect this diaphragm and find no holes/cracks it can still leak, the rubber over time shrinks and no longer seals effectively.

R2900, we prefer to repair your EAS valve block and offer exchange on these 

All EAS valve blocks are completely stripped down, parts are then chemically cleaned and inspected in high
detail, (A magnifying glass is king with the inspection)
Any defective valves are simply thrown away.
All O rings along with the diaphragm (additional cost if required) is replaced

Don't forget a new upgrade compressor is available, these are brand new units and we require your old compressor for the brackets, an additional charge is levied if you want to keep your compressor.

Please note due to the sudden Rand Dollar exchange the price of the upgrade compressor has gone up.