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18 January 2010

Probe Batteries are utter rubbish...

Our Range Rovers require a good healthy strong battery, there are many electrical Ecu's etc in today's modern vehicles that demand alot of power to keep things going in harmony and Range Rovers are not shy to call out for a good battery, in fact they demand it...

The specified battery for the P38 is a sealed maintenance free type with a amp rating of 72amp/h.
The ideal and sensible battery is a 100~115amp/h with 800CCA (Cold cranking amps) this rating works well and is the same for diesel models which was not available in South Africa (Some diesel models have been privately imported).

The battery that we were supplying was the Probe (Rubbish), but after many returns we consider this brand to be utter rubbish and regret ever selling them (Documented Proof). Apart from recently having a go at some knob head who I think owns the company about bad service I think my voice was heard by many when I complained, guess their approach was to start declining batteries I was returning for warranty purposes.
When you start having many returns on a product you know there is a problem with a certain part..

Known faults we had with Probe batteries:
Total failure (within a year) without warning (Flat) indicates a bad cell = crap manufacturing
Electrolyte leaks from posts and top cover, again bad manufacturing process.
Low electrolyte level, means faulty cell plates shorting and battery overheats but they say over charging=crap

On my very own vehicle the Probe battery packed up dead dead, not a hint of a glow of a light and with no smiting of a warning, had to be replaced 11 months down the line, what the F***.....
It now seems to be the norm for them to say that the batteries I return have been over charged, they must think we have no idea on how to test alternators when they come in for a failing battery so good riddance to Probe.

It seems their batteries come in from where ever blank, yipe not branded and stickers are applied by them when bought so they could even come from shitty North Korea for all we know and wouildnt doubt it for a moment

If anyone from Probe ever reads this your batteries are utter crap, shit, junk.. now with the new consumer law in place we can merely expose such junk matters of suppliers and they are welcome to challenge us.
Be warned however I will gather more proof than you think and will expose it, the public have a right to know and it cannot be hidden, the dark days are gone hiding behind the law of defamation.
Also note that this blog is hosted overseas and will never be closed, back ups are performed weekly in case anyone wants to hack it.

Although I prefer local content I have yet to find a suitable brand that is ideal for the Range Rover but that has now changed
After all......
In South Africa's hot rugged climate if a battery last 3 years or more on a P38 you are doing well but one year is unacceptable which is what the Probe was doing, one bloody year.......come on

While I'm on about the power source it's worth noting three things:
1) Alternator charge rate.
2) Alternator cable upgrade on the GEMS engine (Bosch injected engines do not require this mod).
3) Battery box and cover present, this is important to keep extreme engine heat away from the battery.
If you own a 1999 on P38 upgrading the earth cables does wonders, the crimped connection on the battery side tends to fail even though it cannot be seen.
A simple add on earth strap along side the original and bolted to another earth point is ideal, use heavy gauge cable.

Just so you know what a junk Probe battery looks like, sorry we ever sold these but no more as I had to apologies cap in hand to customers who we supplied these too. 

I bought a Shitty Probe deep cycle battery awhile back, possibly two years now and its no longer usable, this battery was being used as a source in my van at the time and always questioned its ability to hold charge which I returned no less than 3 times for testing in the warranty period, each time they told me it was good but it wasn't so there you have it, arseholes.