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South Africa
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21 April 2011

Range Rover P38 accessories booklet for reference only

More to come but just a taster for those who are addicted to the vehicle that brought a new meaning to "Comfort 4X4's" or as most would say "Luxury 4X4's.

This is a scanned original catalog of what "was" available at the time, if you dig deep you may still be able to find the odd "A Bar" (one in stock, rare)

From research there are some bits and pieces still available to buy new like interior wood finish, although aftermarket it does look good and made to a high quality.

Front door wind deflectors no longer available, if you know where we can sourse these please let us know

P38 wind deflectors, only fronts are available.
Great for when its raining and you still like to have the window open a little

More of this catalog to follow soon