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South Africa
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10 October 2009

Compressor a better price than the original by far

Larger compressor:

This air filter mod was performed after I discovered how much fine dust makes it past the original filter, the piston and sleeve were well worn where usually a replacement compressor would have been called for and these are not cheap, some where in the region of R6900 (Retail) is the figure going around but they can be repaired or even upgraded for alot less. I prefer the new compressor upgrade as it makes economical sense.
I'm no longer in favour of repairing the outdated and underrated compressor for three reasons.

1. Original compressor is R6900 if you're lucky vs upgrade of R3470 fitted (correct installation required)
2. Every original compressor has needed extensive repairs (brush box etc) making repair costs more than a
    new upgrade unit.
3. Failure of repaired units is around 30% and have been written off due to extensive brush box wear,
    in other words the actual bush is beyond satisfactory wear making repair costly, so I advise going the new
    upgrade route, it makes sense and it works really well.

One of the reasons why I prefer a new upgrade compressor: